Reviva Labs: Skincare Product Review

As summer fast approaches, I'm on the lookout to retire my Winter beauty products and welcome the newest crop of beauty products, in preparation for Summer's humidity and heat. Additionally, I'm very intentional regarding my product usage: I always ensure the safest, most non-toxic beauty products are applied on my skin, especially during my current pregnancy. Regardless of this fact, it's rather difficult to avoid the constant toxic exposure we endure every day of our lives, just by stepping outside (or even inside) of our homes. This inspires me to bring in safer, organic products into our household, for myself as well as my family - and that's why, when presented with the opportunity to review Reviva Labs's products, it just made sense! Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion: During this pregnancy, I've relied on drinking tons and tons of water as well as applying raw shea butter to my body, especially my stomach area, to prevent those stretch marks. Careful to keep this part of my body extra moisturized, both from the inside as well as the outside, Reviva Labs's Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion claims to "help avoid stretch marks before, during and after pregnancy". The Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion includes a "high potency, rare, powder-concentrate elastin...supported by collagen and soy, helping to provide the natural elements that leave post-pregnancy skin tighter, smoother and natural looking". Containing ingredients such as cocoa butter and essential oils of orange and white flower, applying this lotion to my skin has made my baby bump area noticeably softer, more supple and - (although I'm only about 22 weeks along) - no stretch marks! Using this lotion in conjunction with a healthy diet and Reviva Labs's Oatmeal Soap makes me that much more confident regarding my current pregnant and postpartum body!

photo-5Oatmeal Soap: The first thing to notice about Reviva Labs's Oatmeal Soap is its sweet and spicy almond scent! Not overpowering enough to give you headaches in the shower, but just enough to appreciate the real properties of the soap. Made with no animal ingredients and from a pure vegetable base, the Oatmeal Soap is composed of "oat kernels and sweet almond to clean deeply, while lecithin, retinyl palmate and olive oil help leave skin with a smooth after-feel". The soap's mild scrub action allows for deep cleansing, while not leaving your skin too dry or too greasy afterwards - the right amount of moisture helps restore your body's natural PH balance, essential during these upcoming warmer, summer months.

Organic Skin Tonic: Another wonderful (of the many) side effects of pregnancy is the constant fluctuation of hormones - therefore, causing out-of-nowhere eruptions on my skin of (gasp!) teenage acne whiteheads, blackheads and scars. Very careful to avoid big-name cleansers containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, I reached for my African black soap, organic tea tree oil and Reviva Labs's Organic Skin Tonic. I admit my hesitancy in trying any new toners - but after looking at the ingredient list, I was sold! Organic Skin Tonic contains steam distilled water organic floral waters, a number of essential oils (geranium and lavender) as well as aloe vera, to name a few. Applying essential oils and aloe vera may seem counterintuitive to problem skin - however, it seems to be exactly what your skin needs. Organic Skin Tonic helps maintain skin's proper acid balance, stimulates and freshens the skin as well as remove any leftover cleanser or makeup residue. It's a mild product that doesn't sting when you apply it to your face (like many chemically-laden toners do) and smells fresh as rose petals! photo-7

photo-6Problem Skin for Oily or Blemished Skin: I've used this just about once every week or two, to help maintain my clear skin. Without over drying the skin, this product successfully absorbs oil and fights off harmful bacteria to draw out any impurity left over on your skin. It gives you a sense of a "cool" feeling when you apply it to your face - I anticipate this being extremely helpful during the upcoming humid, hotter months, during those times when your skin feels rather hot and "greasy".

In my quest for finding the best, safest and most non-toxic products for myself and my family, I would wholeheartedly recommend Reviva Labs's products - not only for its positive outcomes I have personally experienced, but because I believe in the powerful properties and ingredients each product comes with. For more information regarding Reviva Labs and its many products, please don't forget to check out their products here!