Review: Trinity Dry Shampoo by Surface

If there's one product my hair and I have become attached to it's dry shampoo. Washing your hair daily strips the hair of its natural oils working to moisturize and smooth your hair. Those oils are what gives your hair vibrancy and keeps it from looking dull. Get away with an extra day of not washing your hair by giving dry shampoo a shot. unnamed

A couple of week's ago I was introduced to Trinity Dry Shampoo by Surface, and it was love at first spray. This dry shampoo has a fruity scent and is made to refresh and cleanse your roots. After getting over how great it smelled, the next thing that stood out was that this was an invisible spray. If you're an avid user of dry shampoos then you know that they usually emit a white colored spray (they also make ones to match the color of your hair). When this happens you have to brush the shampoo into your scalp so that the white blends in. The fact that this dry shampoo is invisible and has no color whatsoever wins major points in my book.

Trinity Dry Shampoo has a lot separating it from other dry shampoos on the market right now. The formula is made up of minerals and antioxidants, providing weightless shine, absorbs quickly and even enhances the color of your hair. If you haven't been a fan of dry shampoo-- this is the product that will change your mind.

Usefulness: 5/5 

Application: 5/5

Packaging: 5/5

Scent: 4/5

Price Point: 3/5

Glam Score: A