Review: The Pros and Cons of Lush's Herbalism

I’ve been a Lush fan for quite some time now as I love the products natural ingredients and the yummy body bars. However, this time I went to my local Lush and tried one of their super cool and unique cleansers; herbalism. This weird smelling green cleanser might look like green goo, but it works, check out my pro and con list of this popular Lush cleanser.

Pro: Feel the Moisture

This cleanser contains natural ingredients such as ground almonds, sage oil, rose, and chamomile which are really soft and gentle on your face. After my first couple uses my face my skin felt super moisturized which is nice from all the sunning I’ve been doing this summer. The cleanser also sucks up oil which is ideal for those suffering from oily skin problems. Be sure to leave the cleanser on for a few minutes to get some deep moisturizing action!

Con: No Squeaky Clean

Although this cleanser quenches dry and thirsty skin, personally this cleanser isn’t the one for deep cleaning. Herbalism won’t take off all of your makeup as I used it and there were still traces of makeup on my face. Make sure you have some extra eye makeup remover on hand to make sure you completely erase your Smokey eye.

Pro: Allergy Approved

What’s really nice about Lush’s herbalism is the natural ingredients as mentioned before which is great for those with allergies and super sensitive skin. Since the cleanser comes from a clay based formula it is also preservative which is great for those with allergy concerns.

Con: Messy Much?

Most cleansers usually come from a pump from a bottle which is really fast and easy if you are on the go, but unfortunately applying on herbalism proves to be quite a task. Herbalim comes in a small green block which feels like clay but not as moist. In order to get the cleanser into a paste which you then apply to your face you have to mix it in a bowl to get it to a creamy consistency. This has always been tricky for me as I never get the consistency right so make sure you don’t add too much or too little water. Its easiest when you take a small bowl and make the paste that way you don’t dirty your bathroom sink like I have.

Pro: Pick Your Price

Another good aspect of herbalism however is your ability to pick your price at Lush retailers. Basically you can go into any lush store and pay for much of cleanser as you can afford. However, keep in mind that $5 worth of herbalism might not get you enough of it, so if you’re looking for a long time investment $20 worth of herbalism might be your best bet.

Con: Check your dates

Naturally with fresh ingredients you have to check your expiration dates as these types of products expire fast. This also applies to Lush’s herbalism. When you get the product be sure to ask when it expires because unlike Neutrogena and Boscia cleansers, over time this cleanser dries up and that’s not a pretty picture on your face.


Overall, I would say that Herbalism is a pretty decent product for your money. The moisturizing, oil absorbing properties of the cleanser are great for those suffering from dry, sensitive, and oily skin. However, this is not your cleanser for deep cleaning action and you might need some extra remover to get all of your makeup off. Follow me on Twitter @CourtneyLeiva