Review: TAYA Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection + GIVEAWAY

taya-4-piece-white-clay-thickening-discovery-kit-d-20120724171851687~202542, Taya beauty,Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection To get your hair looking great, you have to treat it so. For hair to not only look healthy, but be healthy, you have to use hair care products that actually take care of it ­­– the kind that are natural, unprocessed, and leave your hair feeling and looking amazing. TAYA  prides itself on being and doing just this. Made from indigenous rainforest botanical ingredients found in the Amazon (like Cupuaçu Oil, the Durabundi Nut, the Annato Plant, and Buriti Oil), TAYA’s sustainable products – free of sulfates, parabens, and animal products – help to naturally treat and build the strength in your hair.

I used TAYA’s Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection. Meant to thicken and hydrate hair, “the clay absorbs organic materials along the banks of the Amazon River where it is inundated with botanical minerals, creating a super-nourishing clay that adds greater body, richness and thickness to the hair shaft.”  The collection, made of natural clay, rich in mineral salts and nutrients, included a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in mist, whipped clay, creme, hair plumper, and two different hair sprays ­- all natural and all worth the time to try.

The collection promises thickness and it does just that. Extracts of Raw Avocado Oil penetrate into the hair follicle to prevent thinning and breakage. Almost instantly after trying out the collection my hair was visibly fuller and thicker. After a few washes I could noticeably see less breakage occurring as well. Whether I wore it straight or in curls my hair had an enviable fullness. Curls stood out in voluminous glory with a natural shine and great movement.

Cleansing-wise (in terms of the shampoo and conditioner), I didn't find it to be as effective as its thickening effects. However, If you’re working on building the strength of your hair and yearning for thickness, these are the products for you.

My personal favorites from the collection were the shampoo, conditioner and the leave-in spray (which brought life back to my hair in its dry states). To try the Amazon White Clay Thickening Collection and other TAYA products shop here. And you can also enter to win the entire Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening collection.

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