Review: Spa Sonic Skin Care System

Spa Sonic cover There are some days we wake up feeling tired, drained and exhausted from the previous days' affairs -whether it be the all-nighter pulled as a college student or as a young, urban professional working 12 hour shifts to rise above the ranks. More often than not, our exhaustion doesn't just affect us internally. Our skin is greatly affected by every day stresses and takes much of the brunt of our internal stressors. I tend to be classified under the "young, urban professional working 12 hours or more" and am aware of the toll this takes on my body as well as my skin. So when I received Spa Sonic's Skin Care System through the mail, I was excited to try a new product that could potentially help my skin return to that youthful "glow".

Spa Sonic's face and body polishers include a 7-piece system, containing one lavender polishing unit, 2 small facial brushes, 1 large body brush, 1 facial buffer, 1 pumice stone and even a battery four-pack. I was pleasantly surprised with all this small box had to offer . It allowed me a chance to not only work on my face, but also on my body as well. Each rotating head is removable and this enables the user to enjoy a variety of benefits. I instantly opened the box to try one of their two facial brushes. Quickly splashing lukewarm water on my face and lathering my face wash onto my face, I placed the facial brush onto the lavender polishing unit and simply pressed the "on" button. Immediately, I placed upon my skin and could already feel the cleanliness of my skin, as each different rotating motion (one slower, one is faster) adjusted to my skin's need at that moment. After rinsing my face of any residue, my skin never felt as gentle and soft as it did that day.

Contents of 7-Piece Spa Sonic.

Already a fan of the facial brush, I was eager to try the large body brush. I currently use a loofah to cleanse myself, but found that this large body brush exfoliated and cleansed my entire body deeper that a loofah or body sponge can. Once again, I noticed my skin feeling softer and cleaner after its first, second and third uses. An added benefit? The waterproof technology allowed me to take the polishing unit into the shower with me, saving much more time than I anticipated. I used the pumice stone afterwards to help give myself a pedicure and slough dead skin cells along the soles of my feet - an area I traditionally ignore, if not for the level of attention needed to ensure my heels' softness. Soaking my feet in warm water and using the pumice stone with the polishing unit cut my time of exfoliation in half - which for my lifestyle, is key when I'm considering products to purchase again in the near future.

Rotating head: facial scrub on lavender polishing unit.

Lastly, the facial buffer was used to apply my favorite tinted moisturizer, which for me, is Josie Maran's Argan Oil infused tinted moisturizer. Aiding in the absorption of this moisturizer, it helped me create a more even tone for my skin texture and erased some dark spots as well. Although beneficial, this is probably one of the rotating heads I use least of, only because I believe my skin responds better to this moisturizer when applied with my fingertips.

At a much lower price point than the Clarisonic Mia (can retail for up to $150), the Spa Sonic Skin Care System seems to offer more on a budget ($64.99). Having a Spa Sonic around can lower your trips to the local spa, as you literally have many of the tools necessary to produce similar results at home. Highly recommended, I see this as many future Christmas gifts for everyone interested in beauty on a budget! For more information regarding the Spa Sonic Skin Care System, please visit and let us know your thoughts!