Review: imPress Press-On Manicure

These press-on nails are supposed to be easy, cute and last up to a week. I was curious to see if they actually would look nice and stay on my nails, so I picked them up at Walgreens for about $5. They come in a little plastic container that looks like a bottle of nail polish, which I thought was a cute idea, and there are twice as many nails as you need for your hands.

The directions say to first go through all the nails and lay out ones that fit your nails in order. I was able to find one for every finger, and had extras that would fit too. After all your nails are lined up,  you're supposed to wipe your nails with a cleansing cloth included in the package, which smelled pretty strongly of rubbing alcohol. Then you start applying the nails, pinky first and thumb last. It was pretty easy to peel off the plastic until I got to my index fingers and thumbs because then the long fake nails started getting in the way. They were right when they said to start with the pinky.

As a first impression, I thought they felt pretty sturdy, like they were not going to fall off for a while. If I wanted to take them off the first day, I'd probably have to use nail polish remover to soften up the stickiness. They looked nice around the cuticles and fit well, but they are a bit too long for me. They made it a little difficult to use my touch screen phone and the trackpad on my laptop, but if you are used to having long nails, that may not be a problem. I wish they would make them able to be filed down to a more comfortable length though, because not only did they get in the way, but shorter nails look much more flattering on my fingers.

After three days, a nail fell off. I just replaced it with a leftover nail from the package and waited for the others to fall off. Two days after that, five total, two more nails fell off. They did not last a full week on me, but if you wanted to keep replacing them as they fall off, they probably could. I got tired of the pattern and was ready to change them by that time anyway.

Overall, I think they might be great for someone who likes long nails and wants and interesting pattern. I might use them again on Halloween or for a special party, but probably not for daily wear. I would rather paint my natural nails.