Review: Evian Facial Spray


I came across this Evian Facial Spray in the line at Sephora.. you know that line where they strategically place tons of sample sized products to look at while you wait to check out so you that become so intrigued by the things in line that you eventually just cave and buy something you never intended to buy? Yes, that line. Then I proceeded to forget about it for a while until one day during the summer I was dying outside while trying to get some sun. It was one of those days that make you want to just stay inside with the air turned up so high that you end feeling like a popsicle. But like I said, I was trying to get some sun, so instead I brought this out to play and ended up loving it. I'm sure that you all know what facial sprays are, but I must say, they truly are a lovely thing to invest in. After using it so much on that hot day, I decided to use it even more throughout the summer. Turns out that it is amazing for refreshing your makeup and reviving dull skin. Plus, it simply feels great. :) I hope you all consider trying out this amazing facial spray! Do you guys have any facial sprays/mists that you love?! I'd love to hear about them.

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