Review + Demo of Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

photo I was going to start of by saying that some of my favorite types of brushes are from Real Techniques, but in reality all of the Real Techniques brushes are my favorite. The quality is always amazing, the brushes are soft and they are affordable. When I found out Real Techniques had developed their own beauty sponge I went on a mission to find it. Since the Miracle Complexion Sponge is so new not many stores have it yet, but luckily one of the Ulta stores by me had them. The sponge can also be purchased online at

The sponge is only $5.99 which is a huge value when compared to the Beauty Blender. I thought, If this sponge is anything like the quality of their brushes then I might just have to put my Beauty Blender away for a bit. So, is the complexion sponge a dupe? Is it worth it? Find out by watching my review: New videos go live on my channel every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Go and subscribe to be the first to know when I upload♡