Review: BECCA'S The One Perfecting Brush

If you’re looking for a makeup brush that can practically do it all then look no further than BECCA. BECCA’s The One Perfecting Brush is the brush you will reach for time and time again. Normally, I have certain brushes I use for my liquid makeup and others that are strictly for powder makeup. Not because I like the separation, but because certain brushes and bristles just work best with specific types of makeup. unnamed

The One Perfecting Brush works well with any type of makeup. You can use this little guy to apply your powdered foundation or smooth over a BB cream. No matter what, you’re left with a flawless, even makeup application. The brush is easy to use, does not shed (which is a big deal in my book) and the bristles are soft. With this brush I can easily rotate from product to product with ease.


The description of the brush says that The One Perfecting Brush will replace the following 10 tools in your makeup collection: foundation, powder, contour, bronzer, stipple, blush, fan, and concealer brushes, kabuki, and sponge.

My favorite way to use the brush is for my contour, because it has the perfect shape for that. The brush helps buff the bronzer out perfectly. I did try applying different types of products and formulas and the brush is pretty accurate at delivering what it promises. However, you can’t replace all of the tools mentioned above in one sitting. If I apply foundation using the brush I can’t next apply my bronzer and brush without washing the brush and letting it dry first. So don't think that purchasing this brush means you can get rid of all those other brushes in your collection. And the Glam Score is:

Usefulness: 4/5

Application: 4/5

Packaging: 5/5

Price Point: 3/5

Glam Score: B+