Revere Nail Products Review

In the beginning of the Summer I removed my stiletto nails to allow my nails to breath for a while. Unfortunately I was left with brittle nails. My nails were breaking practically every single day.  I would point to something and a nail would chip. I tried getting manicures and letting them just breath and not apply anything to them, but the nails weren't getting any better. I knew my nails would need extensive help in order to recover and that help came from Revere Cosmetics and their nail products. I received the Multi Active Nail Strengthener and it has been an important factor in recovering my nails. The product is absolutely wonderful. Revere suggests painting your nails every day for two weeks and then once a week afterwards. I followed the directions and I'm happy to say it made a huge difference on the strength of my nails.

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  • Doesn't have a harsh smell, so you can paint your nails anywhere without disturbing the people around you
  • The consistency is thick -- letting me know that it's packed with the nutrients I'm going to need to repair my nails
  • Dries almost instantly. I hate waiting around for my nails to dry, but this stuff is quick

Another great product from Revere is the Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer. I take this little guy everywhere. It also doesn't have the harsh nail polish smell. I paint it over my nails and cuticles, let it soak in then massage the rest into my skin. The moisturizer is absorbed quickly so you won't be left with a greasy feeling. Now that it's colder my cuticles dry up. Applying this at least once a day helps my manicure last longer.

revere cosmetics, revere nail products review, revere Nail & Cuticle Moisturizer

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