Renpure Organics Color Protecting Shampoo

If your like me, finding the perfect color protecting shampoo seems like a never ending journey. But bottled beauties rejoice as Renpure Organics brand new color protecting shampoo just might be one of the better color treated shampoos out there.

Before purchasing the Renpure line, I was a devout Frederick Fekkai product junkie (I only wanted the best of the best!) but I found after some time the same shampoo that I couldn't live with out was also tangling and drying out my hair!

Desparate to find the cause to this problem, I checked the list of active ingredients in the shampoo to find that it contained sulfates often used in cleaning products. Perhaps this is where my hair woes came from!

Wanting to try a more natural alternative, I stumbled upon the new Renpure Organics Color Protecting Shampoo.

The shampoo which is under $10 is made without sulfates, parabens and dyes which means its nicer on your hair and even nicer on your wallet.