How To Relieve Sore Muscles


Have you ever been so sore to the point where it even hurts to laugh or cough?! As funny as that might sound that's exactly how I was feeling a few days ago! After weeks..okay months of not exercising on a regular basis I decided it's time to return to my normal work out routine and so I signed up for a gym membership. I started to feel in better shape as I ran on the treadmill and during my second week I reintroduced my body to squats and crunches. Within the next few days I felt like I was dying! My muscles were extremely tensed up. I understand that this is a good thing because it just means your body is responding to the work out but I needed some relief and so I tried these quick steps on how to relieve those sore muscles:

Stretch! This is a must do at the beginning, end and in between each work out. If you don't stretch you are putting yourself at risk and may accidentally pull a muscle (not good). So make sure you take those extra few minutes and stretch it out!

Epsom Salt Bath! This works wonders when it comes to sore muscles because the salt will improve your body's circulation, flush toxins and relieve tension. Fill up your tub with warm water, add the epsom salt, let it absorb for a few minutes, get in and let the salt work its magic.

Drink Water! Our bodies need to feel hydrated and nothing gets the job done quite like water. Not only does water improves our body's overall function but it keeps us focused and alert.

Light Massage! Use lotion or body oil and give your muscles a gentle rub to soothe out that soreness. This will reduce tightness while improving blood flow.

Rest! It's important to get enough rest every single day. Our bodies work extra hard to keep us on track but we must understand that we have limits. If we don't get enough sleep it becomes difficult for our bodies and our minds to recover.