Quit Soda for 28 Days

Our bodies really are temples that need to be kept safe and healthy. Lately I haven't been treating mine so well. All the junk food, sweets, soda and yes... alcohol has become overwhelming. Watching Dr.Oz the other day I got inspired to take action and start cutting the bad stuff out. Starting with soda.

Quitting any bad habit cold turkey is tough. Dr.Oz has created a 28 day challenge to get yourself off soda. What struck while watching his show was when he cleaned a rusty car battery using soda. The battery was left shiny and brand-new looking. If soda can do that to a car battery can you imagine what it's doing to your body?

So much sugar and caffeine goes into every can of soda, and those are two of the most addicting ingredients. I've had two soda-free days so far only 26 more to go. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. Soda is just one small step towards a healthier life style. Check out his website for more information on the 28 day challenge. It'll give you a step-by-step outline of what you should be doing each week. By the way diet sodas aren't any good for you either. They're not proven to be any help in any sort of diet.

Remember the things you put in your body also has an effect on your appearance. Junk food lead to break-outs and weight gain.