Qualities of The Best Red Lipsticks by Kayla Block

The following is a guest post by Kayla Block. Get the deets about picking out a red lipstick and comment on what you thought about it! XO

When you're looking for the Best red lipsticks you have to make your choice based on 3 essential qualities. If the lipstick you currently use does not measure up in one of these 3 areas, then it's totally time for it to go to the garbage bin. It's important to find the best red lipsticks more than most other colors because it's the most obvious when it fails and let's face it—it's usually a “date night” color. It is also a great color if you prefer minimal makeup. Put on some black eyeliner and mascara, and you're good to go for most occasions. Whether you go for the minimalistic look or if you're aiming for something more dramatic, when the centerpiece fails, so does the whole display. Here is what you should be looking out for to prevent red lipstick catastrophes:

The Best Red Lipsticks Have Long Wear-ability-

Wearability is a huge factor for red lipstick. It has to last as long as possible, and you don't want it to smudge. Many ladies choose their favorite red lipsticks based on this factor alone. You don't want to be in “the powder room” every five minutes, and your date doesn't want you in there either. Also, if you're having a dinner party at your home, you simply don't want to scrub red lipstick off of your glasses and silverware the next day. Always stay on the lookout for labels that say “long lasting,” and you won't be disappointed.

Even Better—Red Lipsticks that Stay Red-

Isn't it irritating when your red lipstick turns pink after you put it on? Maintaining its true color is another hallmark of good red lipstick. It just doesn't pay to buy a nice, vibrant red if it's only going to fade on you. After all, when you're on a hot date, red lips are what you aim for, not some bubblegum high school pink. If you're buying online, you should keep in mind three names: MAC, Urban Decay,and Chanel. By and large, they may be more expensive than other brands, but their color fastness pays for itself.

Non-Sticky Lipstick Seal the Deal. Sticky lipstick, red or otherwise, is another deal breaker with lipstick. Your lips should not stick together and stretch as you're trying to talk or eat. Part of the mystique of makeup is that usually, you want it to seem like it belongs there. This illusion totally fails when it looks like you have crazy glue on your lips. This is a huge problem with matte colors, but not all waxy lipsticks have this problem. You don't have to trade off wearability for non-sticky lipsticks!

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