Q&A with Doe Deere from Lime Crime Makeup!

This week at SuperGlamNews get to know Doe Deere from Lime Crime Makeup. This super unique line of makeup has been featured in Allure, Teen Vogue, and Nylon Magazine! As founder and creative director of the brand, Ms. Doe Deere chats with me about starting your own makeup brand, beauty without cruelty, and her ultimate beauty tip!

How did Lime Crime Makeup start?

I launched it in late 2008 because I couldn't find the kind of makeup I liked -- richly pigmented, in cute packaging, that didn't take itself too seriously. I was known for online tutorials using bright, fun colors. One day it occurred to me that I wasn't the only one clamoring for these types of shades, so I decided to start my own line!

Today, Lime Crime is known for opaque lipsticks in unusual colors and colorful eyeshadows. Because I'm an animal lover (I have 3 beloved cats), all our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Most are even vegan!

What inspired the name ‘lime crime’ ( awesome name by the way)?

Thank you! I like wordplay and things that rhyme a lot, that's why we have product names like Airborne Unicorn and Countessa Fluorescent. And then of course other kooky names like No She Didn't (blue lipstick), Mint To Be (mint) and New Yolk City (yellow).

Best-wackiest beauty secret you’ve learned over the years?

Lipstick as blush. Not every lipstick works with every blush, and coordination is key to not ending up like a clown. Pick up some color with your fingers from the tip of the lipstick, warm it up in your palm and massage gently into your cheeks. You'll be surprised how good a hint of purple looks on your lips and cheeks!

What’s it been like being featured in Nylon Magazine, Young Entrepreneur, and MTV Buzzworthy?

It’s been an incredible journey! I am grateful to fate for gifting me the idea for Lime Crime, the company I cherish and love with all my heart. I am also thankful to my amazing team and vendors for helping me make my dreams reality. Last but not least, our loyal customers without whom none of this would be possible!!!

Any advice to young entrepreneurs?

I say do what brings you happiness! Success is when you don't know whether you're working or having fun.

Who is your celebrity makeup inspiration?

I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga and always enjoy the kind of makeup she wears. I also adore Rihanna -- her face was made for bright lips!

I saw on your blogazine that you were once an indie fashion designer on eBay. What was that experience like and do you feel like you’ve come a long way since then!

I started out selling DIY fashions on eBay. The year was 2004 and eBay was what Etsy is today. It was a fun time that taught me a lot. It's mind-blowing to look back and see how far I've come. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything!

When you started your company have you ever been told 'no' by someone? How do you bounce back from that kind of criticism?

Starting Lime Crime was my own decision, so there wasn't really anyone to tell me no. No's began later on, as we went into production. Labs didn't understand why I refused to pick a color from a catalog and 'repackage' it in my own containers, why I was so adamant about creating my own custom shades. Today, I am lucky to be collaborating with a talented team of chemists that let me do whatever I want and are behind me 110%!

What are your favorite products in the Lime Crime Makeup collection?

Ones that haven't been released yet, of course! ;) I do have some favorites from the existing line, colors I reach for again and again. One is Retrofuturist -- a bright, pinup red that lasts for hours! Another is our new, Limited Edition shade called Chinchilla -- it works on everybody, which is weird because it's a grey!

Best part of your career so far?

Getting to create color for a living. I am fanatical about hues; they stick out in my mind like bright patches even when I'm asleep. And yes, I do dream in color! I also really like making people happy -- tt's why I'm here on this Earth.

In your opinion, what is the definition of beauty?

"I've heard many definitions -- aesthetic harmony, symmetry -- but my favorite is "beauty is whatever brings joy".

For more on Lime Crime Makeup visit http://www.limecrimemakeup.com You can also find Lime Crime Makeup on Facebook! Join the fun: http://www.facebook.com/limecrime