Q&A with Aprill Lacey from Pinup Cosmetics!

SGN: What is Pinup Cosmetics?

Aprill: Pin Up Cosmetics is a handcrafted natural and vegan beauty brand with a retro flair.

SGN: How did pinup cosmetics start?

Aprill: It started with my lifelong love of glamour from a bygone era and my love of crafting. It’s the perfect union!

SGN: What makes pinup cosmetics unique

Aprill: Pin Up Cosmetics is handcrafted, so when you order one of my products it’s made fresh.

SGN: Why did you decide to make vegan cosmetics?

Aprill: Because there is no reason to have animal by products in your cosmetics, it’s not necessary.

SGN: What inspires you?

Aprill: Many things! The color concept for Sweetheart lip balm was inspired when I was shopping for fruit at an open market and came across a beautiful bunch of dragon fruit.

SGN: Any advice for ladies starting up their own cosmetic companies?

Aprill: Have a plan and don’t let anything stand in your way. It’s a lot of work and a lot of trial and error but the payoff is great. Stick with it! There are many resources out there should you have questions. Savor the Success is a great community of women entrepreneurs. Score is another great resource for entrepreneurs.

SGN: Best beauty secret?

Aprill: Exfoliate and moisturize! If you’re wearing mineral make up it’s important to exfoliate so you have a smooth canvas for your make up application. Here is a great DIY recipe.

SGN: What's coming up for Pinup Cosmetics?

Aprill: By early August I will be introducing lip sugar scrubs.

SGN: In your own words beauty is?

Aprill: Timeless

SGN: Anything else you wanted to add?

Aprill: Try Pin Up Cosmetics complementary shipping and 30% off when you use coupon code “beautystyle” on www.pinupcosmetics.net

For more on Pin Up Cosmetics, visit www.pinupcosmetics.net and be sure to follow the brand on @pinupcosmetics