Q&A with Amy Doan from Sugar Pill Cosmetics

This week at SuperGlamNews I had the opportunity to talk to Amy Doan founder of Sugar Pill Cosmetics. Sugar Pill is a custom made, one of a kind makeup line inspired by Amy's unique sense of style. Sugarpill was the official makeup brand for the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Celebration.

SGN: Tell Us More bout Sugar Pill Cosmetics!

Amy Doan: Sugarpill is a makeup line that I launched last year. We specialize in super bright, highly-pigmented cosmetics for party girls and color lovers. It's fun and sweet, but also professional quality.

SGN: How did the company get started?

AD: I had been designing my own clothing line for several years. I'm really big on the importance of presentation, so when photographing my clothing I made sure that I -and my models- wore the absolute boldest makeup possible to compliment the colorful outfits. It was just necessary to complete the look. I ended up receiving countless inquiries about the makeup in my photos. The truth is, I was using theater and clown makeup which I'd heard about by word of mouth from my drag queen friends. I began to realize there was a huge demand for bright makeup that is accessible to everyone. That's when the idea to start Sugarpill began to form. I saw a void that needed to be filled, and thought it would be fun to create my own dream makeup instead of sitting around wishing that it existed.

SGN: What are your inspirations behind the line?

AD: As a child, my best friend Jen took tap dance, ballet, and gymnastic classes. I went to her dance recitals every year and always envied her sparkling neon leotards and age-inappropriate makeup. I wished that could be me up there, but my parents were very strict. When I reached high school, I discovered drag queens, circus performers, and strippers. I was stuck in a small town but dreamed of living in their magical world of color and excess. I began painting my face all tranny whore-like in obnoxious neon colors and tarantula sized false lashes. I guess you can say I'm inspired by anything over the top girly, sparkly, obnoxious, and artificial looking. I've never been interested in the "natural" look. I want to be Dolly Parton!

SGN: Can you tell us more about the Hello Kitty Show you just did?

AD: It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Sugarpill was the official makeup brand for Sanrio's 35th Anniversary Celebration. It was a huge 3-week event and included a fashion show which showcased 12 designers' Hello Kitty-inspired designs. Not only did I get to create a dress for the fashion show and another dress for the Hello Kitty mascot, but all the models rocked Sugarpill onstage.

I posted a bunch of fun pics from that here!

SGN: Favorite shade/product of sugar pill?

AD: My favorite pressed eyeshadow would have to be Afterparty, our bright turquoise. I've been a huge sucker for bright blue eyeshadow since high school. My favorite Chromalust (loose eyeshadow) is Goldilux, which also happens to be our best seller. It's so damn metallic!

SGN: Wackiest beauty secret?

AD: I stole this idea from my sister Sarah, so she deserves all the credit for it. Back in college, we used to party really hard, and our faces would look pretty wrecked after dancing in sweaty clubs all night. To solve the runny eyeliner dilemma, Sarah began making her own eyeliner out of ELECTRICAL TAPE. It's so genius I can't even stand it. She'd use tiny scissors to cut out the shape of winged eyeliner, then stick them on the outer corners of her eyes in place of eyeliner. Voila! Smudge-proof eyeliner that peeled off easily before sneaking back into our parents house at sunrise.

They were reusable too (reapply with eyelash glue), so it also saved us a lot of getting-ready time. I remember her bedroom mirror was always covered in rows of electrical tape "eyeliner" in different shapes and sizes for every occasion. It looked so real, no one can tell! If anything, people would compliment the unusual sheen and ask what brand we were using. Dammit, I should make my sister quit her engineering job and work for Sugarpill instead, right?!

For more on Amy Doan and Sugarpill Cosmetics check out sugarpillshop.com or follow on Twitter @sugarpillmakeup.