'Pretty Little Liars' Star Shay Mitchell for Pantene

I am obsessed with the show 'Pretty Little Liars' and that's why I'm so excited to hear that Shay Mitchell who plays Emily on the show is the newest Pantene girl! Her hair is flawless on the show so of course she's the chosen one. Here's what she told Stylelist about being the spokesmodel for Pantene:

"It still feels so surreal. I've grown up with this product. My mom has it in her shower right now. I've always used Pantene, honestly, and the fact that now I'm kind of the face, or rather the hair, for them... it's insane. I can talk about the product naturally because I've used it. I know what they have out there and I know why it works. A lot of people think I do this magical thing to my hair and ask, "How'd you get it like that?" and I'm like go to your drugstore and pick it up because you can buy it there. It's very, very cool and I'm so looking forward to working with them this year."