Pick The Perfect Bathing Suit For Your Body

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Target -- all opinions are my own.

Target is making every aspect of the spring swim experience from shopping to trying on, to mixing and matching, to summer styling, and to family beach activities – more exciting, enjoyable and entertaining for everyone.

Yeah I went there — I tried on bathing suits in February. We’re girls. Trying on clothes should be fun, but, for some reason, when it comes to a bathing suit, I start to cringe at the thought. Will my boobs stay in place? Does my stomach look okay? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when the fitting room session begins. This past Summer I turned down multiple pool party invites because I didn’t feel like my body was ‘swim suit’ ready. I know I’m not the only girl who has let Summers and vacations go by without stepping foot in some water and I hope that you will join me in stopping that today. What I’m starting to learn now is that perfection doesn’t exist when it comes to my body and that’s okay. I need to let go of that fear, because it’s getting in the way of me being able to fully enjoy life.


Target has a huge selection of swimsuits to choose from at their stores and online. I faced my fear head on, grabbed some cute styles and headed straight to the fitting room. If you prefer to try bathing suits on at home Target has you covered with free shipping and free returns. You can try out tons of styles and return what you don’t like without any hassle. Not only does Target make the shopping experience easy, but they also have tons of selections to choose from. No matter what type of bathing suit you’re looking for, I guarantee you’ll find the style at Target. I’m also excited to share a pledge that Target wants us to participate in. Target is asking us to take the #NOFOMO pledge and have a fun, fearless Summer. I’m with them on that and want you guys to join me too!


When selecting a bathing suit I look for comfort, how easily it’ll allow me to move around and how well the swimsuit will fit my body. Here are two key things you should keep in mind when going bathing suit shopping to make the experience easier:

  • Erase trends from your mind: Don’t worry about what’s ‘in’ at the moment. Focus instead on what looks good for your body type.
  • Pay attention to your favorite body part: Normally when we’re trying things on we put all of the focus on covering up what we don’t like. Switch things up and pay more attention to what you love about your body.

After my fitting room session I left with three bathing suits that I loved and can’t wait to wear this Summer. I’m taking the #NOFOMO pledge and will take up every pool party invite I get this Summer — and I’m getting in the water too! What will you do differently this Summer when you take the #NOFOMO pledge?


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