Photography Is The Mirror Of Life

Sometimes a picture that is worth a thousand words can worth a thousand dollars. It has to be a great picture indeed, to get someone to pay for it. Usually business companies pay for ads, which put their products or services in the best possible light. For a Miami advertising photographer, doing a photo shoot on the hot beach of some new soda is a basic thing. Of course, behind all the basics there is always a creative mind that got all the parts of the idea together. There are schools and courses for photographers, but usually their classroom is the real world. Photography is the mirror of life and learning to portray the aliveness is learning to see through it. Photographers can see through people, things and places. Just like the Miami advertising photographer has to see through that bottle of soda and through that hot beach, in order to create a great ad. Observing the insides of the life entities and putting it on a paper is pure art. It is not like painting but is more mirroring, with highlighting the emotions of the subject. If there is a girl smiling in the photo, her smile should be the peak of it, if there is a kid from Ethiopia suffering, his eyes and the look he has should be emphasized in the picture.


Every image has its own subject, either it is a landscape or a human, the central emotion has to be pointed out. That is the photographer’s job and that is why the photography involves the study of life, in its very raw plight, because you simply cannot observe the inner sight of a person, if you are not familiar with the kind of emotions that come through people’s facial expressions. A photographer needs to work the camera in a way that gets lifeless things in a state of existence.

A good photograph is bliss. It is simply bringing joy to our eyes, minds and souls. Our most important parts connect in order to receive the right message a photograph sends out. This is why a great picture is worth a thousand words, dollars, emotions and thoughts. It has to be a great idea behind an image, which points out the artistic subject of it. All this, has to be worked by a skilled photographer, who first of all has a bachelor degree in life and secondly a technical knowledge of the photography. In the end the result has always to be a beautiful reflection of the reality. Photographs are little mirrors of our lives.