The Perfect Foundation Application

How do you normally apply your foundation? With a brush? Makeup sponge? Your fingers? Getting your foundation to go on smooth and flawless sets the tone for the rest of your makeup look. When my foundation doesn't look its best, it throws my entire look off. I've applied my foundation using all of the methods I mentioned above and the results always vary. Lately I've been using a new method of application that blew my mind and gets me the results I want every single time. sonicsystem_foundation_applicator

Have you guys heard of the Clinique Sonic System? It's a facial cleansing brush created to cleanse your skin and help it look its best. Clinique went a step further and made the Sonic System even better by adding the Airbrushed Finish Liquid Foundation Applicator. The same product developed to give you great looking skin, can now help you get a flawless makeup application.



I'm always on the hunt for products and tools that make my job easier and this is one of them. My foundation gets applied quicker and the finish is blended to perfection. Using this amazing new brush head, I'm going to show you how to get the PERFECT liquid foundation application every time. For this demonstration I'm using the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in the shade 'Nutty'. This formula is a foundation and concealer duo. Even though it offers a ton of coverage, it remains light feeling on the skin. You end up looking like you just have really healthy skin that glows -- and that's always a plus.


First, put some of your foundation onto the brush head and dab on your forehead, cheeks and chin. The sponge is really soft! Now turn the brush on and start blending the foundation onto your skin. Blend from the center of your face and work your way outwards. The brush works by helping you gently massage foundation onto the skin. The buffing and blending that the vibrations offers get you a natural and flawless application each time.

Trust me -- you'll be blown away immediately after the first use!


Cleaning the brush head is super easy. Simply rinse with soap and water and let air dry. The sponge will be ready for use again the very next day.

The Sonic System Airbrushed Finish Liquid Foundation Applicator launched this month and is available exclusively at Nordstrom stores. Pick one up today to experience this flawless technique for yourself.

This post is in collaboration with Clinique -- all opinions are my own.