Operation Cleanse Wrap Up

my wellness solutions, operation cleanse The two-week #operationcleanse is officially over and it's a bittersweet moment. I'm proud of myself for getting through this cleanse and for picking up some healthy habits along the way. On the other hand I'm worried that now that I no longer have a program to follow I don't have an excuse to continue the strict regime I had become accustomed to.

Yes, I'm excited to eat some of my favorite foods again but I'm also craving things that at the beginning of this cleanse I thought would be impossible to stick to. Before starting the cleanse I was a coffee addict. Not only did I need my cup of coffee every single morning, but I also needed a second cup mid morning. Correction-- not cup-- travel mug actually. In the past when I went without having coffee I suffered headaches for the rest of the work day. During this cleanse I substituted coffee with green tea, twice a day, and didn't endure a headache at all (not even on day one).

my wellness solutions, operation cleanse

Going through this detox has helped me rid bad habits and best of all curve my cravings. Breakfast is one of my favorites meals, so when the agenda called for a shake for breakfast, I thought for sure I'd be hungry within the hour. Yes the first couple of days I was a bit hungry, but your body adjusts to the new routine. The morning shakes have become my favorite part of the day. Every day we would receive email recaps from the Wellness Solutions team providing us with tips and a new shake recipe. Now I have a large collection of recipes I can go to any time.

Overall I feel energized in a non jittery way and so much lighter. I definitely recommend doing this cleanse to anyone wanting to learn how to eat properly and get rid of toxins in their body. Everything you learn throughout Operation Cleanse will stick with you for life and the Wellness Solutions team helps every step of the way. Visit their website for more information and check out all the events they have going on.