Operation Cleanse- Day One

Today is day one of Operation Cleanse with Wellness Solutions. I'm taking part of this two week cleanse that is designed to detox our bodies and get rid of the toxins clogging us up. There's no better time to kick-start a healthier you than right after the new year. It's the time where we make our resolutions for the upcoming year and feel more motivated than ever to achieve them. In the past my New Year's goals were always to lose weight but I've learned that it's not about losing the weight, but about starting a healthier lifestyle. Diets really don't work, but when you make a habit of eating right and treating your body better than it gets easier. I'm actually really excited to start this cleanse mid way through January, because at the beginning of the month I decided to start a 30 day fast food cleanse in which I'd give up fast food. I'm halfway through and it's making starting this cleanse that much easier since I've already cut out so much junk from my diet.

Operation Cleanse, My Wellness Solution, Cleanse, Detox They say it takes 28 days to form a habit and I think this cleanse is a great way to start a healthy one. By the end of it you're already halfway through to forming that habit. The most difficult part I've found of actually changing my eating habits are the people around me. When everyone else is indulging it can be a bit tempting. My Wellness Solution is doing an incredible job at keeping all of the ladies participating in the cleanse on track. There is a Facebook group that let's us all communicate, ask questions and overall stay connected before the start of the program and throughout the two weeks as well. We've all been sent a packet of information outlining a meal schedule and everything we can and cannot eat. The group provides us with smoothie and meal recipes as well.

Operation Cleanse and the ladies behind it have put together a program that will give anyone wanting to participate the confidence to do so and succeed. Like I mentioned above today is day one of the cleanse. I will have another update for you next week.