I'm all for trying new things especially when it's offering me thicker, silkier hair. OOKISA is an Asian inspired hair care system. It's supposed to give you fuller hair and make it a lot softer. Their advertisement for this product has been all over popular, entertainment, and beauty websites like popeater.com for example. They offer a free trial of the volumizing system for a month and all you have to pay if $5.95 for shipping and handling. Sounds like a good deal right?

Before you give your credit card information READ the fine print. The products have to be returned within a month and afterwards they will start billing your credit card $89.95 monthly. So this free trial they speak of isn't free at all. It will end up costing you so much more. There are other great hair products that will save you the hassle.

This lady gives an example of what happened to her when she signed up for the "free trial" click here.