Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's Spring 2013 Launch Party

DSC02819-1 Friday, March 15th - Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics launched its Spring 2013 Colour Collection, entitled "Sci-Fi Lullabies". Upon walking into OCC's launch party, I was welcomed by a very friendly sales associate who then informed me of the collection's inspiration. Inspired by the movie Blade Runner (and most likely relevant characters of the Sci-Fi Dystopian genre), the collection boasts metallic finishes and colors. One of their most coveted products of the collection is their new collection of Lip Tars, their very pigmented, vegan and cruelty-free lip colors.


From far left to right:

Batty (midnight black/gunmetal metallic); Lovecraft (iridescent pink; lilac metallic); Clockwork (rich peach with an orange undertone); Annika (pale rose peach); Zhora (pale peach with a pink metallic); Pris (pale champagne metallic)

The above Spring 2013 collection features colors from Batty (far left - a multi-sparkle black lip color) to Annika (third from left - a rose peach color). Each lip tar features a metallic finish, exuding a bold, rebellious look, reminiscent of futuristic colors. Going on as gloss and finishing as a lipstick, these lip tars are ultra pigmented. You're also probably wondering, "how are you going to wear the black sparkled color"? The key to lip tars is mixing - pairing their Batty color with Lovecraft (second from left - a bright, bubblegum pink) - gives the bright, bubblegum pink color a darker finish - just don't layer on too much of the Batty!


From top left to top right:

Pond (true royal blue); Electric Sheep (pale lavender with a silver metallic finish); Videodrome (greyish, teal blue); Debaser (OCC's base coat)

From bottom left to bottom right:

Leelo (orange with gold metallic finish); Shellac'd (glossy, ultra longe-wearing topcoat); Batty (midnight black with silver finish); Ripley (blackened antique gold); Flatline (cloudy, matte topcoat) 

Featured above are the nail lacquers from OCC's Sci-Fi Lullabies collection. Famous for its ultra-saturated colors, the colors range from royal blue to vibrant orange. The transition to Spring has been made more colorful, playful and daring, with the nail lacquers featured above. With names like Electric Sheep and Videodrome, Sci-Fi is not only evident in the collection's metallic finishes but in its product names as well.


If you're in the New York area, stop by Ludlow Street and check out OCC's most coveted Spring 2013 collection! Make sure to grab tips and tricks from their very friendly and knowledgeable sales associates as well. Let us know your top picks from this collection (now available online at sephora.com as well as select Sephora stores) on my Facebook!