NYFW Beauty: Batiste x Charlotte Ronson

Batiste Dry Shampoo/Charlotte Ronson 2014 Fall/Winter Show Feminine and fun pieces have become synonymous with the eponymous Charlotte Ronson line. This year it was no different. Her Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection consisted of wearable and trendy pieces wrapped in a vintage-style bow.

Her collection, shown at the Hudson Hotel, was all about the woodlands and romanticism. It was whimsical yet dark showcasing beautiful rose patterned skirts and dresses, off the shoulder tops, velvet pants and lace and sheer maxis. Perfectly complementing the theme, lead hairstylist, Stephanie Hayes, created soft and simple looks. Consisting of primarily low buns with velvet and gold headbands adding that extra touch of whimsy, Hayes was able to accomplish it all with the help of none other than Batiste’s dry shampoo.

Batiste Dry Shampoo/Charlotte Ronson 2014 Fall/Winter Show

The Iconic British brand, Batiste, were the official sponsors of the show, on hand to provide instant and easy volume and life to the models’ hair. The must-have cherry was the official scent for the occasion, filling the room with its rich fruity aroma.

Batiste Dry Shampoo/Charlotte Ronson 2014 Fall/Winter Show

Not only was Batiste the go-to product for Ronson’s Backstage preparations but a necessary go-to hair product for all and arguably the best of its kind. “We consider ourselves to be a dry shampoo company, most other companies have wet shampoo, styling products, and dry shampoo just happens to be part of what they do, but we’re completely dry shampoo. We don’t have any other styling products or wet products and so our focus from a technological standpoint and also from the fragrance and beauty side is that we’re just dry shampoo and that’s it ,so we consider ourselves to be experts in the category,” says Batiste representative Pam Wardle.

With dry shampoo being their specialty, the company has been able to not only offer an amazing product but in a variety of scent options – from their “Original” lightly fragrant to their newest, and Wardle’s personal favorite, “Cherry.” Next up is their “Floral” scent coming out later this year, and like its company, is one of a kind. “It’s not a traditional flowery smell, it’s more of a nouveau floral scent. It’s very crisp and clean. It’s very nice," says Wardle. 

Interested in creating Charlotte Ronson’s Fall 2014 NYFW look yourself? Stylist Stephanie Hayes provides all the steps to her gorgeous fairytale looks, using of course Batiste’s “Cherry.”

Batiste Dry Shampoo/Charlotte Ronson 2014 Fall/Winter Show

1.  Create a defined center part and apply Batiste Cherry to the roots and lengths to create texture.  By spritzing at a distance, the look becomes lived in rather than dusty.

2.  Sweep the hair into a low ponytail, keeping an inch section loose, and secure using a black velvet band.  Lightly spritz with shine spray.

3.   Twist the ponytail and then using a gold scallop effect band (not grips) lightly tie into a bun.  Use the loose hair, originally left out, to then wrap around the bun to blend the two bands.  The effect is a loose, unstructured bun that isn’t tight to the head.

4.  Gently tease out hair around the front hair line and in the bun for that soft disheveled finish and then spritz Batiste for a soft fly-away effect.

For more about Batiste and where to purchase, go to batistehair.com.