nuNAAT Silicon Hair Care

When it comes to makeup looks I’ll use products from a variety of brands but with hair it’s a different story. I’m a huge fan of using a complete hair care collection. I believe that hair brands product are created to work together, especially when a collection is formed for specific needs.

nuNAAT offers hair care collections for practically anyone’s hair needs. My hair is constantly being styled by heating tools and I’ve dyed my locks quite a few time as well. I felt the best fit for my hair would be the NAAT Silicon Healthy Restoration collection.

  • Silicon Healthy Restoration Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Even though the title of the shampoo read ‘moisturizing’ my hair was feeling quite the opposite after washing. Personally I don’t enjoy a shampoo that leave my hair rough and dry. The conditioner was the opposite -- providing the moisture back that the shampoo seemed to have taken away.

  • NAAT Silicon Moisturizing Hair Mask

When a mask’s directions tell me to only lave the mask on for five minutes and then rinse it’s a bit disappointing. So when I read that this mask required me to leave it in for 10-20 minutes I was ecstatic. I love a good hair mask -- it’s relaxing and a treat for your hair. After rinsing the mask off I could tell a difference in my hair. So much softer than before trying the mask.

  • NAAT Silicon Hair Polishing Serum

This is the last product I apply when doing my hair. I prefer to put about a dime size and work into damp hair and then style. After my hair is dry if there are a few fly away I can always add a little more of the serum.

Visit to see all the different products they offer for hair. The products I mentioned above were sent to me by the company. The opinions stated are my own.