A New Beauty Must-Have: Pillowettes

There are some beauty products that are an absolute must-have in the home. Cotton balls and products like it are completely necessary and a product that has multiple uses. It's one of things I'm constantly shopping for and can't afford to run out of. Recently I was introduced to Pillowettes -- it's a product that will have you throwing away your cottons balls and swapping them out for this instead. Pillowettesweb3-416x330

Pillowettes, by Intrinsics, are a luxury item. To best describe them I'd say they are mini pillows for the face. Yes, they're that comfortable! The product has an endless number of ways it can be used and it's even perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The edge Pillowettes has over other products like it, is that you can actually slip your fingers into these mini pillow cases. Your fingers remain protected while you apply or remove products from the face. These gentles pads will quickly become your preferred method of product application.


Personally, the area around my skin has become so sensitive. Using Pillowettes allows me to efficiently remove all of my eye makeup without leaving my skin irritated. Pillowettes are:

  • lint free
  • super absorbent
  • made up of breathable material
  • easy to use
  • gentle

Check them out for yourself on Intrinsics.net and browse their other products too!

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