Neutrogena Face Off Challenge

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Neutrogena Face-off challenge, Neutrogena making removing wipes

If you're a long time watcher of my YouTube channel then you've already heard me stressing the importance of removing your makeup every single night. Even on the days where you just wore a little tinted moisturizer or no makeup at all -- it's still important to go to bed with a clean face. Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes are one of my favorite types of wipes for many reasons.

Throughout out the day dirt and oil forms on top of our makeup. The mixture of it all clogs our pores and leads to breakouts and dull looking skin. Washing it all away at night is a major contribution towards maintaining a clear complexion. Going to bed without properly cleansing leads to that residue staying on your sheets and pillows for days on end and the dirty cycle continues.

Neutrogena's wipes are superior to the competition's brand because they remove up to 99% of all dirt, oil and makeup and they do it a gentle way, so even my sensitive skin ladies don't have to worry. The formula used in these wipes makes them as gentle as water so you can wipe away all of your eye makeup without worrying about irritating your eyes (even if you wear contacts). Given these facts, it's no wonder Neutrogena is recommended two times more than any other brand.

Neutrogena Face-off challenge

I love trying new products, but I always make my way back to Neutrogena. When it comes to skin care they offer products that truly benefit your skin and keep it clear. I took the Neutrogena face-off challenge this week and loved the results. To prove how well the brand removes makeup, I wiped my face clean with their makeup removing wipe and after cleansing my face, patted it dry with a white towel. The results-- a super clean face and a still white towel. There was no residue left on the towel whatsoever!