Natalie Portman Style for the Modern Woman

Natalie Portman - a woman of beauty, brains and talent. As if this triple threat of a woman is not enviable already, her style is reflective of this fact. Throughout her years, Natalie Portman's style has emerged from sweet and innocent to bold and classic. Albeit her acting career started at the ripe age of 13, her style is a remarkable feat of transformation - as a young starlet to Harvard graduate to mother of one. Below are looks that reflect everything Natalie Portman represents in the modern woman - that of beauty, brains and talent. Photo Courtesy:

On the red carpet, Natalie Portman is notorious for her elegance, classically tasteful ensembles. Whether in a Lanvin gown or a Dior dress, her sense of confidence exudes through her style choices. This gorgeously draped purple Lanvin gown is the perfect combination of showing off her assets (her shoulders) and cinching at the waist, for a slimmer effect. You can easily find the draped silhouette and cinched waist in a dress that is similar here, by Alice and Olivia.

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For collegiate-wear or office-wear, Natalie Portman hits the mark with the above incredible bohemian ensemble. The navy blue wool, cape coupled with relaxed, bell-bottom flared jeans might seem overwhelming at first - but its balance is created with a more fitted bottom, top and is pulled together by an even more refined colorful scarf. Get this relaxed look for "Casual Fridays" with this military-inspired wool cape and this denim high-rise by Current/Elliot.

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What better way for this new mother to dress up nights of exhaustion with a classic, khaki trench? This wardrobe staple covers any outfit you'd rather not have seen - without compromising style! The khaki trench can go a long way - I love this feminine trench by Elie Tahari, with its color-blocked lapel and flared bottom. Sophistication comes natural with this Elie Tahari number, as all one needs to add is skinny jeans and a black, classic pump. Ready for any rainy day!

This article surely does not do Natalie Portman's style any justice - but the goal is to take any style/look from a role model celebrity and incorporating your own style into it. Whether you'd like to add red pumps with the trench coat instead of black, or wear leather leggings with the navy blue wool cape, it's up to you - as long as you have the beauty, brains and talent, your style should be a reflection of you, and only you.