Nail Art Strips

 Even though I've written about this nail trend quite some time ago now I have yet to try it for myself -- until now that is. I used Sally Hansen's Salon Effects-Real Nail Polish Strips. Unlike some other nail arts strips that you can apply at home -- this one is actual nail polish, but there's no mess or drying time required.

The little box brings 16 strips in a variety of sizes. Don't get discouraged -- it looks a little difficult but after applying one or two you'll quickly get the hang of it. Get the strip as close to your cuticle as possible and stretch it out over the entire nail. You can then cut and file away the excess strips according to the length of your nail.

Sally Hansen has several designs to choose from including simple, one-colored prints. My nails have the print Misbehaved. It's a gold background with what looks to be a black fishnet design over it. Most pharmacies have them for $10.50, but I got mine for $7.50 from Harmon's. It's supposed to last up to 10 days. I've had mine on for 5 so far and it pretty good except it's starting to chip at the tip of one or two nails. I'm always typing away so I think that has a little to do with it ;).