My Week On Instagram


1. #SundaySelfie| 2. My Naked3 Giveaway| 3. Photo shoot fitting| 4. #GlamDoll @barbiebabymua| 5. Beauty + Fashion Haul| 6. #GlamDoll| 7. My interview with Eva Marie| 8. Makeup overload| 9. Casual weekend

This week was non-stop work, work, work. With everything going on I still made sure, however, to get two new videos up on my channel. Writing has always come naturally to me. Making videos on the other hand is something I never thought I'd have the courage to do, but have fallen so in love with. Creating quality videos means investing your time and money into equipment that will assist in that goal. This week I purchased a ring light and it made me feel like an official YouTuber lol.

I'm looking forward to filming my videos with the ring light now and stepping up the video quality for you guys. When I started my YouTube channel I never imagined getting to 10,000 subscribers and now I'm only 500 away from that goal. Thank you guys for that!