My Week On Instagram

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The March issue of Bella NYC Magazine finally hit newsstands this week. For the first time ever (and hopefully not the last) I've been featured in a magazine and got entire page spread! Shooting for Bella NYC was so much fun, but seeing my page put together is when I really felt proud. Sometimes as a blogger you have days where you think, "What have I been working towards this entire time?" I put in so much work towards my blog, my channel and my writing. As much as I love it all, you still want to feel as though all your hard work has been worth it. Having a page spread in a magazine is something I never imagined happening -- ever. This reminds me to dream even bigger and not worry so much as to how it will happen and just know that it will happen as long as I continue working.

Visit to view the locations near you where you can pick up the March issue. I'm still on the hunt for it myself.