My Week On Instagram

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1. Sold out of the GLAM Doll shirts| 2. Shopping for fitness apparel| 3. Uploaded my first fitness related video| 4. Healing halo| 5. I'm in this magazine!| 6. 'Mean Girls' 10 year anniversary| 7. 6am crossfit| 8. Your beautiful comments♡| 9. Posh Fashion Show

A huge highlight of this week has been my mini feature on Cosmo For Latina. This magazine appearance was extra special because Cosmo is one of my favorite magazines. I hope you all pick up a copy and head over to page 48 to check me out ;). The magazine will be on newsstands on May 5th. They had my look a bit toned down and clothing a little big -- but's it's me!

This week I also uploaded my first fitness related video. The video was just a mini haul and I took the chance to ask you guys if you wanted to see more fitness videos on my channel. Many of you have said yes and have asked me beforehand to do these kinds of videos. If you have any suggestions or specific requests please leave them in the comments section for me. I want to make sure I'm filming the videos you guys want to watch!

Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo