My Week On Instagram


1. New lipstick every day this week| 2. Embracing my shorter do| 3. Watched Frozen finally| 4. #GlamDoll| 5. First day of Cross Fit| 6. Trying out a new hair style| 7. Makeup vanity before photo| 8. Weekend with my love| 9. Dead after cross fit

This week was jam-packed with changes -- good ones. First I embraced a shorter do. I have two sets of my Luxury for Princess hair extensions(use the code MELISSA5 for a discount) and decided to cut one of them to match my hair's natural length. The shorter length is easier to handle on ordinary days when I'm just running around or working. Then when it comes to makeup I usually find a lipstick I love and wear it almost everyday. In the past two weeks I accumulated so many new shades of lipsticks that this week, for the first time ever, I wore a new shade every day. All of my outfits for the week were literally determined on the shade of lipstick I'd be wearing that day.

For about a month I kept debating on whether or not to join a cross fit class. The idea of cross fit terrified me. Videos and photos I've seen of the class always look so intense. This week I decided to finally try it out loved the workout. Yes, it's intense but that's the kind of workout I like. My boyfriend signed up with me and that was a big help in getting motivated enough to go. If you're starting any new type of fitness journey I suggest finding a partner that's equally committed to help you both stay on track.

And for the final and most exciting change this week -- I'm building my makeup vanity! I'm finally going to have a space in my room where I can do my makeup, film with a prettier backdrop and get my writing done. Most importantly it will all be organized perfectly. More photos on this process will up soon on the blog.

Have a beautiful Sunday dolls xoxo.