My Top Hair Products For Volume

top hair products for volume, Lush Roots Hair Treatment

For me, having voluminous hair has always been a sign of glamour. Even straight hair deserves some lift at the root. After testing tons of products over the last several years I've come up with a list of products that I swear by for volume. In the mix I've also thrown in a couple of tools that will help those products give you even more lift.

Personally I have fine hair and on its own it doesn't have much volume to it. The most important part of picking products for my hair is that it offers volume without weighing my hair down. Many products on the market are simply too heavy for my type of hair, but the ones I'm sharing with you lift my hair tremendously. Also in the video I'm wearing the Luxury For Princess hair extensions (Chestnut Brown) in 260 grams! This is their thickest set yet and the perfect way to get instant volume. For a discount on your own extensions use the promo code MELISSA5. For more videos subscribe to my channel