My Personal Hygiene Routine

hygienevideo There's nothing like letting someone in on what personal hygiene products you use, to feel an instant connection to them. Now that I've opened up and shared my most intimate products with all of you -- we're officially bonded. For over a year I've received a countless amount of request for this video. Before finally deciding to film the video I asked myself, 'Why not share what personal products I love the most?'. Finding products we love to use on our skin and body can be difficult. You want the products you're using to not only be effective but also safe and good for you.

As requested, I've rounded up a list of my favorite hygiene products. In this video you'll see everything from what I use in the shower, after the shower and grooming. Have some favorites of your own that you didn't see mentioned in the video? Please leave them in the comments. I want to see what else is out there that I should be trying.

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