My Latest Obsession- Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer

The following is a product every fragrance lover and beauty obsessed individual needs to own. Thanks to the wonderful people over at Sen7 I've gotten the chance to try out their product. It's the most amazing form of fragrance atomizer, and here's why:

My favorite fragrance is Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy. The bottle is beautiful (but weighs a ton) and there's no way I'm carrying that around all day. Sen7 is the solution to that dilemma.

Filling it is so simple and literally takes no more than two minutes. Open the atomizer by just pulling it apart. Unscrew the clear casing inside and using the funnel looking piece, place it in the hole. Then just spray your fragrance of choice into the funnel piece, and snap it back closed.

Each Sen7 atomizer holds up to 70 sprays. That's a whole a lot than what it actually sounds. With two sprays tops you'll be good. When you hold it down there's an instant blast of perfume that's just the right amount. It's perfect for traveling, throwing it in your purse or giving it out as a gift. I got the white one, but there are several colors and collections to choose from. (So guys -you're not excluded from this one!) Sen7 retails for $38 check it out here.