My Go-to Brushes: Real Techniques


Having great makeup brushes is just as essential as having great makeup.Whether you use brushes to apply all of your makeup or just your eyes, it's important to have the right ones that work best for you. Personally, I absolutely love Real Technique brushes. For the most part they usually come in a collection with four or five brushes, and they are fairly inexpensive. For example, the first two brushes, the buffing brush and the contour brush, come in the core collection. This collection comes with four different brushes for $18. Great deal, right? I can honestly say that I don't know how I applied my foundation before I started using the buffing brush. It's all I use now, and it's amazing. I simply dot my foundation onto different parts of my face, stipple it in a bit, and then blend away. It leaves my skin with a natural, yet flawless finish that I am crazy about. The contour brush is what I reach for whenever I'm in the mood to contour my face, but I also use it to apply blush to the apples of my cheeks! My third favorite is the deluxe crease brush. It is so soft, and I use it to apply my concealer around my nose or wherever else I need it. My brow brush is amazing. I use it to apply my brow powder, and it makes the process so effortless! The last brush that I adore is the accent brush. I often use this to apply lipstick, but I also use it to smudge eyeliner or put shadow on my lower lashline. It's a solid brush that could also be used to conceal blemishes, too!

If you guys are in line for some new brushes, I highly reccommend giving Real Techniques a go. They're great quality and inexpensive. Who doesn't love that?!