My Experience With Elle & Blair Fowler

For all of your Elle & Blair Folwer fans, I don’t need to tell you that their novel, Beneath The Glitter, was released yesterday. However, I am excited to share my experience at their very first book signing yesterday. Upon arriving at the signing a line was already  formed (and I was there about 2 hours early). The line quickly extended to an even longer one filled with excited tweens, teens and their moms. Many of the girls had letters for the Fowler sisters and even collages.

The young girls were so adorable as they ran to the elevator to greet the sisters upon entering. Elle & Blair took their time with each fan answering questions and taking pictures. I was there with my friend and fellow YouTuber, Angelica of The sisters gave us wonderful advice on continuing our YouTube journey. We walked away with a cute compartment from with blotting paper and a coupon certificate for $20 off the Elle & Blair products.

I’ve only read the first chapter of Beneath The Glitter, but I can already tell how cute, girly and a fun story it will be to follow. Have you picked up your copy of the novel? Let me know in the comments below would love to hear your thoughts! Stay tuned for my Get Ready With Me video I filmed before heading to the book signing. The video will be on my YouTube channel as well as this blog.