My Day At The Makeup Show 2012

This past Sunday I attended The Makeup Show NYC 2012 and was completely blown away. This place was paradise for beauty enthusiasts and makeup professionals. I arrived at the makeup exhibit pretty early expecting the crowds to be at a minimum, but was wrong. There was an explosion of people, but luckily we were all in great moods and happy to be in a sea of colors, lashes and other products. As expected, MAC Cosmetics, NARS and Makeup Forever had the most outrageous lines had ever seen. I couldn’t even get close to them. I did however leave the exhibit with the two products I was dying to try and just never got the chance to purchase -- the Beauty Blender and Model In A Bottle. (Reviews on the two will be up shortly!)

As hectic as that building was that day, it was equally amazing. You couldn’t turn a corner without seeing beautifully arranged products, demonstrations and makeup galore. I already can’t wait to see what next year’s exhibit will bring.

And the day begins...

Amazing attention to detail

All the colors of the rainbow -- and then some

With the fabulous Erin Hendley. She is an amazing makeup artist -- check out her blog and YouTube channel

Got lashes?

My partner in crime for the day, Elva