My Date With Save The Beautiful

556933_398364340237608_516991743_n Getting your makeup done for a special occasion is an experience should be a relaxing and beautiful experience. I got the chance to sit down with Jule, co-owner of Save The Beautiful, and experience her services first hand. Save the Beautiful is an on-location makeup service that goes to you on your special day. From weddings to proms to even eye lash extensions, Save The Beautiful does it all. But what sets them apart from other on-lactation makeup artists? They have a beautiful cause!

Owners Carol and Jule decided that each time a client books Save The Beautiful they will donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity. So you're helping these ladies do some good just by getting your makeup done.



Jule did an amazing job with my makeup. She talked me through all the products she was using on me and why they were the perfect match for my skin. She gave me confidence in her artistry and knew the outcome would be perfection. While she did my makeup I couldn’t help but pick her brain a little:

How did you and Carol meet?

Carol and I met through freelancing for one of the Top Makeup companies in NJ. We immediately became friends.

Where did the inspiration behind Save The Beautiful come from?

Carol came up with the concept of Save The Beautiful. She dreamt about the whole idea and was inspired by becoming an entrepreneur and making it on her own. Her love for makeup has always been a passion of hers. Carol came to me with the concept of building a company together and that's how the whole journey began.

What type of charities will you be donating too?

At Save The Beautiful we are willing to donate to any charities that our clients are passionate about. So if our client has a charity that they are interested in. Save The Beautiful would be more than happy work with and donate to.

What is your definition of beauty?

At Save The Beautiful our definition of beauty is: Beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin. Save The Beautiful is all about enhancing your beauty but  always staying true to who you are.

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