My Clinique Counter Experience

Normally when I go to a store in search of beauty products I either already know what I want to purchase or I'm looking for something totally new. Either way I've never sat down and had an actual consultation. That all changed at a recent stop to a Clinique counter. I don't know if you guys know this, but when you visit Clinique you're able to sit down with a brand specialist and have complimentary consultation. As a guest you decide what you want to focus on wether it be skin care or makeup. I love talking makeup, but I was also curious to learn more about my skin so that I could figure out what it needed more of.


At the consultation a skin test was performed where it was determined that I have combination skin. My t-zone is prone to getting a bit shiny, but my cheeks on the other hand are dehydrated. I had no idea your cheeks could get dehydrated and was very curious to see what products my specialist would recommend. The great thing about Clinique is that they have specific skin care programs designed for your particular skin type. I love how easy they make determining what products your skin needs. It takes the guess work out of shopping and you're able to leave the store with the products that will benefit you in the long run.


After getting my skin on the right track we moved on to makeup -- the fun stuff! Summer is all about vibrant, fun colors and Clinique nailed it with their Color Pop collection. I checked out their Cheek Pop blushes and Lip Pop lipsticks and applied my favorite shades. Lipsticks are my favorite type of beauty product. They can instantly change your look by just a change in color -- so of course I was drawn to these.

The Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks will catch your attention instantly. These will be the most comfortable lipsticks you wear. They go on smoothly and weightless. While you glide the lipstick on you'll notice they're pigmented. Depending on how you apply you can get a little color or a lot. No matter which color you select it will be a vibrant one. They also won me over with the built-in primer. I don't have time to constantly re-apply my lipstick and these have a comfortable staying power of up to eight hours.


I received a few of the color pop lipsticks and blushes as well as the skin care products I tried. I left my Clinique consultation with a stronger understanding of my skin's needs. I also felt a lot more confident in the brand and what their products can do for me. After getting to test out the products and seeing how I felt in the store, I knew I was in good hands. Clinique was founded on the believe that, 'great skin can be created' and I couldn't agree more. You have the power to turn your skin around and keep it healthy by getting a good skin care routine in place and sticking to it.

Stop by my blog next week! I'll be sharing an in-depth look into my skin care routine and show you how I keep my skin clear and glowing.

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