Morphine For Your Lips

Have you had a mind-blowing kiss lately? There’s no way you won’t when you try Morphine Lips. This lip balm will literally numb your lips. In just seconds you’ll feel a tingling sensation and eventually numbness will overcome that. Now imagine making out with someone and transferring some of that feeling onto their lips. Apply Morphine Lips right before the kiss and prepare to blow your partner’s mind away. This is a sure way making it a kiss they’ll never forget.

I love the sweet taste of it and that it actually does what it says it will. The tingly/numb feeling lasts a few minutes and it is actually very moisturizing. Morphine Lips contains 11 different oils, so not only will your have the softest lips but you’ll give unforgettable kisses. This product is definitely worth the try, I promise you’ve never felt anything like it.