When I was younger, my mom taught me how to dress myself. She taught me what colors looked good together and never to mix patterns with other patterns in one outfit. Mind you, this was when I was 8 years old. I grew up all my life frowning upon my friends and people who clashed their prints. Luckily, in  the fashion world, there are technically no rules. So, today I'm going to show you how to break a huge fashion myth with style and ease. Grab your boldest statement pieces ladies, and let's have some fun!



Obviously you can mix and match prints as you please, but to seamlessly blend patterns, look bold, but not give people headaches, these simple tips should do the trick!

1. Color- Look at the first patterned piece and choose a color. It can be a color that is prominent or subtle. Use this color to guide your choice for your second print. For example, if your floral pants have a tiny bit of a pink shade, go for a pink polka dotted blouse. In short, make sure your prints are in the same color family.

2. Balance- Choose a loud print and balance it out with a softer one. This way your prints are not competing or "clashing". For example, if you have a intense geometric  print, use a top with tiny stripes.

3. Have fun! If you feel good, nothing else matters.

Xoxo M.