Spray Your Foundation On

A good foundation can be difficult to find. You have to pick the correct color and type for your skin tone. Once you’ve got those things figured out all that’s left to do is apply it. Over the years I have found out that applying foundation is just as difficult as picking out a good one. But what if I told you I found a foundation that was easy to apply and blended easily?

You can find a perfect match and easy application in a bottle of Napoleon PerdisBoudoir Mist Spray Foundation. This was my first time using a spray on foundation and it certainly met my expectations. It comes in a gold can that resembles hair spray. Simply hold a couple of inches away from your face and lightly mist your face. I love the control I have with a mist on foundation. The more coverage you need the more you can spray and the best part is that while you’re spraying you can see the results.

Napoleon’s spray on foundation is lightweight yet offers the same protection as some of the heavier kinds. Because the application is so quick I can throw it on in the morning without falling behind schedule and achieving flawless looking skin. Find your perfect match of Boudoir Mist and check back in later this week to find out about some of my other favorite products by Napoleon Perdis. xoxo