Miracle Skin Transformer

If you browse back through my previous posts you'll notice how obsessed I am about keeping a bronzed complexion. And ,no, I'm not talking about using tanning beds either. From air brushing products to self-tanners I've tried it all. Now that fall is here it's a lot tougher trying to keep any color on my skin.

The cold not only pales me out but dries my skin out also. This is the perfect time to use a tinted moisturizer. I've recently become attached to Miracle Skin Transformer (emphasis on the miracle part). This tube of tinted moisturizer is a lifesaver. Miracle Skin is a lightweight moisturizing formula that stays put all day without making my skin shiny or oily.  The tube says: hydrate, enhance and protect and that's exactly what it does. It goes on smoothly and blends into my skin while giving it a touch of much needed color. The outcome is clear looking, transformed skin.

All the beauty editors have been buzzing about this and now I know why. This is the kind of product you can use year around. It has an SPF 20, you can wear it without any makeup or underneath your foundation. My shade is Medium Tan; find out which is your shade and how you can get 20% off your Miracle Skin Transfomer.