Meet The Wonder Cloth

As much as I love makeup, getting my face clean of it all every night can sometimes be my favorite part. There’s no greater feeling than that clean face feeling after 8+ hours of having makeup on your face. That being said I want to introduce you to Wonder Cloth.



I go through packs of makeup removing wipes every month and have tried so many that burn my eyes and dry my skin out. Wonder Cloth is an actual cloth that you can clean your face with and re-use. The cloth is hypoallergenic, gentle and free of chemicals. I put it to the test by using it on a day I had a heavy face of makeup. All you have to do is wet the cloth and proceed to wipe off the makeup from your face. I was shocked at how effective it was at removing the layers of makeup. The only part that was a bit tricky was getting my eye liner and mascara off (for that I suggest using an eye makeup remover) but everything else swiped right off.

The best part was that to clean the cloth you only need to rinse it in water and there are no makeup stains left behind. I left the cloth to dry over night and the next day it looked brand new. The Wonder Cloth is a perfect alternative to makeup removing wipes, is cost -effective and gentle.

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