Meet The Newest Fairy on the Glam Fairy - Sharie Manon

Hi Dolls! I'm so excited about the following featured guest, Sharie Manon. She is the latest fairy and working alongside the Glam Fairy herself Alexa Prisco. The Glam Fairy special show airs next month, but today Sharie is dishing with us on all things hair, fashion & glitter. Want to know what it takes to be a glam fairy? Read on...

How did you become in the world of hair? How did you know it would be a passion?

My mother was a very talented hairstylist who won major hairstyling awards in the 60's for her far out styles. She always had me helping out in the salon from the time I can remember. My first job was cleaning brushes for her when I was just a teenager. Even though I bought my first salon from my mom at just 23 years old it was hardly my passion at that point of my life. I struggled to balance being the boss along with the creative aspect. It was doing advanced training with Toni & Guy in London, California, Dallas and Denver that really ignited my love of the art of hair. I also trained with Aveda, Wella, Framesi and L'Oreal to round out my technique. It was at that point, when I could finally only work in a salon and not own one that I found my true comfort in my craft.  

You are the newest Glam Fairy, how did you become involved with the show?

I am always looking for new creative outlets for my hair art. I just decided that it was time to get the word out to more people about my personal style and work with another well known woman in the beauty industry, Alexa Prisco. Being a Glam Fairy and the Key Hair Stylist to the show seemed like a logical fit.  

How has your life changed since you started filming?

The biggest change in my life since filming has started is my lack of sleep!  Filming is a full time job and when I am not in New Jersey taping I work in Soho for the Mario Diab salon as a celebrity hairstylist. I am also married and I have two young daughters. I still take the same care with all my amazing clients but now I just have several cameras on me most of the time.  

Are there any fairies that you have become close with?

Glamo, he's a member of the Glam Factory but not a fairy. He is our freelance clothing stylist. He and I have similar backgrounds with high end clients, working in an ultra competitive NYC, and the love of fashion and design. We clicked the minute that we met. But don't get me wrong,  we lay it out to each other if we need to.

Fashion week is coming up, what hair trends should we be on the look-out for? What are you most excited to see on the runway?

Runway and Editorial hair is about an unexpected texture in a shape you may recognize. I am very excited to see the return of "Le Coif". It is a look that is  fully styled to the "French Degree " and polished and expensive looking, think of ladies who "Lunch." I am always eager to see ethereal looks that float down the runway. Clothing wise I am looking to the return to structure in garments and Bohemian detailing.

Do you have any plans/events for fashion week?

I will be kicking off Fashion Week at Fashions NIght Out with several events including at Atrium in Soho. The rest of the week I will be bouncing from shows, to interviews and clients in Soho. I have created a very special  piece for Glamo that he will also be debuting during Fashion Week.

Hair extensions are a fave of mine and I’ve tried several options. What type of hair extensions do you recommend for mega volume?

Oh now you are talking my language. I also LOVE extensions and have truly had every kind done to my own hair as well as done on my clients. I absolutely adore Hot Heads extensions. It is a professional tape system that I have been using for years and I do on Glam Fairy all the time. I can create length, volume and color with out chemical. I even add them into wigs and hair pieces. For a photo shoot I will add wig pieces and multiple hair "switches" or "wiglets".  

When can we expect to see you on the Glam Fairy show?

We have our season premiere on October 23, 8 PM on the Style Network. Our first season is 10 episodes and I am featured in every episode!

What will we learn about you once the show airs?

That my experience as paid off! If it has anything to do with hair, I can do it. Hair is my medium and I am an artist. I also have a very direct demeanor, not for the faint of heart.  

You make other women beautiful by transforming their hair, but what is your definition of beauty? 

My definition of beauty is timeless, sexy and it revolves around playing up each individual  woman's best features and camouflaging the "flaws". But the juxtapose of that is also equally as intriguing. I love a gap in teeth, freckles, big defined curls in hair or the interesting difference that is unique to you alone. I do not believe in a "standard" of beauty, I look to bring out the best in each client that I work on!

*Glitter Kisses*

I can't wait for the show to air and get to know Sharie even more, but in the mean time follow her on twitter @Shariemanon on her glitter-filled journey. xoxo