MANE TEEZE Hair Perfume


This Summer’s newest trend -- fragrance for your hair! Personally, fragrance is always the finishing touch when I’m getting ready. I feel that no look is complete without the perfect scent to go with it. MANE TEEZE Hair Perfume has got three scents for your to choose from. The scents available are each unique and will match your personality no matter what your mood may be.

Social Butterfly: My personal favorite has a vanilla note to it. It’s sweet and perfect for everyday wear.

Black Widow: This is their seductive scent with dark amber notes. You might want to wear this on date night ;)

Haut Mess: For the girl with a sweet tooth, this is the one you’ll love. It has a dessert-like touch with chocolate and caramel notes.

Regular fragrances are heavy in alcohol and will weigh your hair down and create build-up. With MANE TEEZE these worries can go out the door. They provide a long-lasting scent up to 12 hours and won’t leave you greasy at all. This hair perfume is perfect for whenever your hair needs to a pick-me-up like after a workout. For more information on MANE TEEZE go to